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Welcome to the Institute for German Theology, where we specialize in helping learners worldwide master Theological German. Our groundbreaking online courses, developed by the authors of the seminal textbook "Handbook of Reading Theological German," empower students with comprehensive tools to navigate and comprehend intricate theological texts in the German language.
Whether your aim is to acquire proficiency in Theological German for an examination within your PhD program, delve into extensive research, or foster personal growth, the Mainz Method can help you achieve your goals.
Check out our courses to discover why both experienced and emerging scholars from renowned institutions like Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale, Duke, and many others have placed their trust in the Mainz Method.
TG01 Theological German, Part I
In this 10-week course, learners are introduced to the Mainz Method and embark on the journey of cultivating the skills necessary for comprehending and translating theological German texts.
SKILL LEVEL:  Ideal for beginner and intermediate learners.