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The Institute for German Theological Studies presents two interactive 8-week courses with weekly sessions including weekly assignments and a final exam. Students have also access to all videos included in the asynchronous course (see below).

Theological German Part One is tailored to accommodate both beginners and intermediate learners, providing an excellent starting point. This course introduces the Mainz Method and offers practical insights into its application to German Theological Texts. Meanwhile, Theological German Part Two is designed for advanced students seeking to enhance their proficiency in translating theological German texts.

TG01 Theological German, Part I

In this 8-week course, learners are introduced to the Mainz Method and embark on the journey of cultivating the skills necessary for comprehending and translating theological German texts.

SKILL LEVEL:  Ideal for beginner and intermediate learners.
Next class starts: August 27th, 2024
TG02 Theological German, Part II

In this 8-week sequel to TG01, participants utilize the Mainz Method
to translate theological texts authored by eminent German thinkers, including
Barth, Bonhoeffer, Kant, Luther, and Mendelssohn.

SKILL LEVEL: Advanced 
Next class starts:
October 22nd, 2024


The Institute for German Theological Studies recognizes the diverse needs of our students. For those unable to participate in weekly live Zoom classes, we provide a comprehensive 20-module asynchronous course that encompasses the entire Mainz Method and guides students through the Handbook of Reading Theological Studies. Although the program operates entirely at your own pace, we ensure that learners are not isolated in their learning journey. You can still engage with the course by submitting your translations for review and feedback.

TG03 Theological German, OnDemand
In 20 self-paced lessons, students
discover how to apply the Mainz Method when translating theological German
texts. Learners can submit their own
translations for feedback and engage in exercises to reinforce their learning.


Our online course guides you through the Handbook of Reading Theological German so that at the end you are proficient in reading and translating theological German texts. In 20 modules we introduce you to German theology and teach you how to use the Mainz Method checklist. Each step on the checklist is explained with a short video lectures focusing on the key points of the grammatical concepts being introduced.

In addition you practice the new grammar with online exercises and can evaluate your progress with short quizzes at the end of each module. In the second part of the course, important German theologians and their texts are introduced with short video lectures about their work in general and in more detail about the text provided in the book. The lectures prepare you for your own translation. As part of the course you are asked to hand in the translation of the first paragraph of each text and we will give you individual feedback on your translations. The feedback tells you how to improve your translation skills. Along with lectures, exercises, and quizzes, we give you the opportunity to get in contact with other students via our online discussion board. Questions concerning the course material can be discussed and our German theology experts will answer all questions.

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