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German is often the choice of graduate and doctoral students expanding their scholarship with a secondary research language. Until now the options for developing these theological German skills were limited. After hearing the struggles of learners from around the globe, who truly desired to work with original source material, the Institute for German Theological Studies was founded. 

Developed for and further refined during the International Summer School German (and) Theology at the University of Mainz, our teaching methodology utilizes a 10 step checklists which guides the translation process. Only permanent grammatical concepts, necessary for reading and translating theological German are introduce, saving the learner time and frustration. 

The Institute for German Theological Studies offers learners from around the world various options to meet their learning needs and styles. Discover why this method has been the number one choice of learning theological German for scholars from distinguished Universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, and Yale. Our programs are offered solely online, eliminating the time and expensive costs associated with traveling to Germany. For the first time, learners can enjoy the same teaching in the comfort of their own home thanks to the Institute for German Theological Studies.

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